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A land occupied by 70% of poor farmers are incredibly blessed with bio-organic foods that are extremely essential for Healthy Living. However, Farmers struggle to cultivate successfully. Therefore, Chinland Agriculture Products Company buys and prepares raw agriculture products and turn into high-quality value-added products. Chinland Agriculture Products Company provides seeds, fertilizers, soil testing, farming training and other technologies to increase the live standard of Farmers, uplift the economic conditions of the poor farmers, empower women, and reduces the unemployment rate and alleviate poverty in Myanmar.

Our Main Products

Sacha Inchi
Organic Coffee

Message From Chairman

Bawi Lian Khum

Chinland is a true blessing from God. Though Chinland does not produce jewels, it is blessed with many different plants and foods. These organic foods are great sources for health and nutrition. As stated in our company motto “Plant, Live & Grow Together”, our company will continue to work together with farmers to successfully grow and actively search for market where the goods can be sold.

Chinland Agriculture Products Co.,ltd is pioneering and encouraging farmers near Chin State and Kalay City to grow Sacha Inchi. This plant offers great returns for farmers. CAP is producing organic Sacha Inchi Oil, Edible Sacha Inchi Seeds and Green Tea.

Moving Forward, Chinland Agriculture Products Co.,ltd has vision to be able to export Elephant Foot Yam, Coffee, Avocado and Sterculia Versicolor.

- Bawi Lian Khum

Solar Dryer

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