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From 2015 to 2018, Chinland Agriculture Products Company Founder and Chairman Salai Bawi Lian Khum visited 200 villages in Kalay Township areas and Chin State.

From these tours, the key findings were: farmers in rural areas were unable to properly cultivate their land, poor choice of crops, and methods of cultivation and lack of market for their harvest were the farmers main problems. This ironic experience gave birth to Chinland Agriculture Products Company in Kalay with Directorate of investment and Company Administration (DICA) registration number 102539656. Chinland Agriculture Products Company envision to solve farmers problems and increase their life standards through proper cultivation and markets for their harvest.

We care your health and your well being

At the age of modern modification and poisonous food consumption and chemical infusion on the food productions, we keep ourselves distance from it. CAP (Chinland Agriculture Products) keep customers health as the first priority in our business activities by providing the Bio-Organic Food to people around the world. Therefore, CAP at the heart of business activites, envision, live healthier, live longer and stringer through Organic Foods.

Our Vision

Empowering Myanmar farmer with smart farming system using technology to provide sustainable agriculture and organic food production in Myanmar

Our Mission

To provide sustainable development of farmers through Agri-technology

To create holistic opportunities to the farmers through the-know-how-Agriculture

To provide Organic and Healthy Food to the world from Chin State and Myanmar